Murphin Ridge Inn
- Winter Menu -

3 Course Menu

Begin with today�s soup and salad. All entrees are served with our seasonal sides


Our desserts are made from scratch and change daily. Your server will tell you about today’s offerings. 6


Coffee Seven Hills Coffee - Murphin Ridge Roast  2.75
Hot Tea  Harney and Sons, Lipton
Soda Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite 2.50
Raspberry Tea, Iced Tea Harney and Sons 2.50
Mulled Apple Cider a Murphin tradition 4.00
Tipsy Cider with spiced rum 6.00
Murphin Sunset fresh-squeezed orange juice, cranberry juice & citrus vodka 6.00

The Murphin kitchen is open to all, from early morning coffee drinkers to curious cooks. Come back and say hello, though be prepared to peel a potato or two.